Bar Cart Decor

Bar Cart Decor To Wow Your Friends

By Rachel Giercyk

Bar Cart Decor
What will your guests see, smell, taste, touch, and hear during your gathering? The bar cart decor you choose can be an excellent opportunity to appeal to all of your guests’ senses.
Bar cart decor that appeals to the senses will elevate your guests’ experience and create a memorable event for them. 
Capture your guest’s attention with decor that not only touches their senses but makes your job as a host effortless. Here are our tips for creating a multisensory and multifunctional bar cart that engages and entertains your guests.
Bar Cart Decor

Gathering Your Decor

Before choosing your bar cart decor, decide on your theme. Whether you’re hosting a special occasion, looking for an uncomplicated seasonal theme, or just trying to capture a pop of personality for every day, it’s essential to keep your theme in mind while you gather your items. 

Remember when choosing your items that the dimensions play a significant role.

Start by looking around your house for bar cart decor. Think outside the box. Can you repurpose something to bring it back to life?  

Taking a trip to the local thrift store is great for finding unique items without breaking the bank. 

While out in the world, keep your eye out for decor that shows off your unique style. You’ll be surprised what you’ll think of with an open mind.

Bar Cart Decor

Arranging Your Decor

After adding your drink ingredients and snacks, assess how much space you’ll have for your decor. The idea is to have practical things that bring value to you and your guests, not just create clutter. Be clever with your space.

Fill in the more prominent, taller items first, and then mix in your smaller items.  Place your go-to’s where they are easily accessible. If you have a multi-level bar cart like this three tier bar cart, make sure to separate your drink bottles to create balance. 

Play around and rearrange your decor until you find a look that suits your taste. Don’t forget to leave space on the top of Your Bar Cart™ for making drinks.

Bar Cart Decor

Useful Decor Is Ideal

Add color, texture, and height pops by incorporating serving dishes and bar essentials that double as bar cart decor.

Put your liquor into decanters and glass bottles that introduce a little sparkle to the room. A trendy ice bucket is a practical way to add some interest, plus use it as a flower vase too!

Have fun mixing your drinks in a decorative cocktail shaker, then win over your guests by serving drinks in glassware that’s full of vibrant colors and rich textures. Give your service a nice touch with a decorative serving tray.

Coasters, straws, and napkins with elaborate patterns displayed on this vintage wooden bar cart is a fun idea. A cute towel and a stylish cutting board are a must-have. Shot glasses from your travel destinations or different designs can be great conversation starters.

A drink dispenser is an excellent piece that can upgrade Your Bar Cart. Whip up a colorful batch of sangria and put it in a clear dispenser, then add some fruit. It’s visually appealing, refreshing, and convenient for your guests. 

Bar Cart Decor

Bar Cart Decor And Lighting

To create a visually appealing environment for your guests, use decor that lights up. If your room is darker, brighten Your Bar Cart™ up with decor that helps you and your guests see better. Soft lighting can set the ambiance to a romantic evening. 

Lights can be a great way to hone in on a focal point. Add battery-operated lighting to a square decorative glass block; lay it flat on your cart. It instantly creates a focal point and adds height. Put your lights and some fake flowers in a mason jar; sweet and simple. 

Candles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, smells; and offer a warm and welcoming environment. 

Outdoor lighting provides a sophisticated and friendly, welcoming environment. Take advantage of solar lighting for an outdoor bar cart set up. 

Enhance your lighting by adding in a few color-enhancing pieces. Visual stimuli will help keep your guests engaged. Roll Your Bar Cart™ in front of a window for a shimmering ray of sunshine to highlight your look.

Bar Cart Decor

Flowers And Plants As Decor

A beautiful vase of flowers as bar cart decor can do a couple of things for your guests’ senses. First, they add freshness to the room. Also, they’re as visually stimulating as they are fragrant. Try a taller vase with fresh-cut in-season flowers. Your flower arrangement should be taller than any bottles it’s near.

Receive some flowers from a loved one recently? When they’re no longer fresh, dry them out and showcase them as a dried flower arrangement.

Go with a potted plant for year-round interest. Maybe have a leggy one for side hang overflow and a pointy one that stands tall for extra height. Keep in mind; low pieces tend to take up a lot of room. Go with a bar cart with glass rack for extra space.

Fake flowers make excellent decor. Wrap a few around the legs of Your Bar Cart™, hot glue a couple to some glass bottles, or add some fragrance to some paper ones for display.

Bar Cart Decor

Fun Extras To Add Some Jazz

Small games such as cards, brain teaser puzzles, or a Jenga game are great for entertaining guests. They help get the party going, plus, are easy to play. 

Placemats can add style and texture, plus protect your surfaces from wear and tear at the same time. Small signs are great for displaying messages, drink menus, or possibly something funny.

To create an enjoyable environment, add a Bluetooth speaker for extra fun. What type of atmosphere are you trying to make? A dance party? Possibly a more relaxing night for your guests? Either way, be sensitive to how the sounds you choose will affect your guests.

Sprinkle in some “funfetti” around the bases of your items to compliment your theme.  A cute banner or garland can quickly change the overall look without much work.

Nothing says elegance like a few mirrors. Sit decor a top of them, hang them, or even grab a disco ball for extra glam. Using mirrors help maximize and reflect light, brightening up Your Bar Cart™. The mirrored shelves on this vintage metal serving cart inject fashion and functionality naturally.

Use aromatherapy to relax and calm your guests. A recipe book for drinks can double as a resource and a fun art piece. Don’t forget how fun a joke book was when we were kids, or try a special interest book.

Last Minute Decor Tips

Establish a well-designed bar cart using these bar car decor tips and tricks. It doesn’t take much to create a one-of-a-kind look guaranteed to catch the senses of your guests. Less is best unless that’s the look you’re trying to make.

Help them feel more comfortable serving themselves. Offer your guests a layout of Your Bar Cart™ entertaining area. Suggest a few different drinks, then let them see you put it together.

Last but not least, bring it all together with your smile :). Your Bar Cart™ wouldn’t be complete without it.