How To Decorate Your Bar Cart Like A Pro

How To Decorate Your Bar Cart Like A Pro

By Rachel Giercyk

How To Decorate Your Bar Cart Like A Pro

Bar carts serve a wide array of beverages and snacks for multiple guests and make the host’s job more manageable. Whether it's an indoor gathering or an outdoor party, bar carts will help you take everything where it needs to be in one trip. As the name suggests, a bar cart is a portable bar. Over time the traditional tea trolley transformed into a bar cart and is now widely used to serve drinks. It maintains the time-old appearance of two or three shelves rolling on wheels.

Home décor has always been an essential art, and it has extended to the decoration of the bar cart. We know how pleasant it is to eat food that looks appetizing. Similarly, a well-decorated bar cart will tease your appetite for the drinks. Follow these given below ideas while decorating Your Bar Cart.

Decorate Your Bar Cart with A Burst of Color

Nobody likes bland things. After deciding upon the drinks and snacks you plan to serve, determine the number of bottles. Add in the glasses and goblets. Now set the bottles on the bottom-most shelf, along with the glasses. Put your vintage bottles on the topmost shelf along with the goblets. Now for the decoration.

You can add natural colors by putting fruits in the corner. Add a jar of peanuts and a lime soda jug. If you don't want to put perishable commodities, you can remove the fruits and add your most favorite coffee table books along with a small potted plant for a bit of color. The books will provide the required elevation.

Use Your Bar Cart as a Rolling Dessert Table

If you are interested in using Your Bar Cart for more than just beverages, you can use it as a conventional rolling trolley for your desserts. Let the bottom-most shelf serve as storage for the dessert bowls. On the topmost shelf should be your cold desserts like ice cream or the cream desert. On the middle frame, add a cake. You can add iced tea to the middle shelf.

Add A Pop Of Glam To Any Space

This conventional rolling table is now considered an antique item. You can hence use it as means of decorating any space in your home.  Get creative by adding various objects as a part of the decoration. Put on your most coveted coffee table books on the top shelf. Another idea is to add some books about different cocktails and beverages. To retain the bar cart's original vision, put some old empty vintage bottles and small goblets in a corner. You can add a dash of artificial fruits to add color, or maybe a vase of fake flowers would go well. When it comes to decorating Your Bar Cart, your imagination is the limit. Have fun, get creative.