Bar Cart Ideas

Over 75 Bar Cart Ideas For Everyday Easy Living

By Rachel Giercyk

Bar Cart Ideas

Arguably the most versatile piece of furniture in today's homes, Your Bar Cart™ is precisely what's needed to inject freshness into your living spaces. 

Present-day bar cart ideas have transformed the traditional tea trolley into a must-have multifunctional tool for homes all across America. 

Space-saving and practical, Your Bar Cart™ will keep your home organized and beautiful, plus give you limitless opportunities to enhance your home's exclusive personality. The wheeled design allows you to transport just about anything throughout your home in no time at all. 

You'll be surprised how valuable this piece of furniture will be in your everyday living activities. To help get you inspired, here are over 75 bar cart ideas being used in homes today.

Bar Cart Ideas Around The HomeBar Cart Ideas for Focal Point

  1. Use your bar cart to create a focal point in any room. Hang a mirror on the wall just above your cart to invoke height and give the allure of more space. Add a large bouquet, an eye-catching piece of art, and a pop of color.
  2. Turn your cart into a rolling baby care station. Quickly bring your baby's essentials from room to room with you, keeping everything within reach. 
  3. Use it to store extra tennis table balls, paddles, and score pads in the game room.
  4. Create a “school supply” space for the kids—store pencils, erasers, crayons, learning books, and extra paper needed for homework.
  5. Store and organize kids' toys using your bar cart. Just add a couple of baskets and storage bins.Bar Cart Ideas Art Supply Cart
  6. Your Bar Cart is a creative way to store all kids' art supplies. Plus, it easily rolls away into a closet for easy, out-of-the-way storage.
  7. Use it in your office for a printer station. Add your printer, copy paper, and extra ink.
  8. Is too much noise happening in and around your home office? Turn your cart into a rolling office and sneak away to get your work done.
  9. Easily organize your pet supplies using your cart. Add a basket for leashes, organizers for other essentials, and of course, a bin for treats. 
  10. Using your cart, display dolls, trinkets, and jewelry boxes in a child's bedroom.Bar Cart Ideas Laundry Room
  11. Your Bar Cart will make a great addition to any laundry room. It’s perfect for holding stacks of folded laundry.
  12. Keep your cart near the front door to easily store car keys, hats, gloves, and other miscellaneous items. Bar Cart Ideas Glass And Gold Bar Cart
  13. Gain extra shelving in your closet using your cart for items like purses, hats, and other delicate things you want to keep safe.
  14. Turn it into a vanity. Add makeup organizers, jewelry cases, perfumes, and a vanity mirror.Bar Cart Ideas Bathroom
  15. Does extra bathroom storage sound good to you? Roll your cart into the bathroom and stock it with extra towels, Epsom salt, toilet paper, and other bathroom must-haves.
  16. Use it as a nightstand. Add your bedside essentials and a lamp.
  17. Are you looking to brighten up a dark space in your home? Add a light source to your cart and simply roll it to the area for added light. Place a mirror to light up your space further. 
  18. Turn it into a bookshelf. Add some fun books, a couple of knick-knacks, and top it off with a vase of flowers.Bar Cart Ideas Gold Circle Bar Cart
  19. Showcase your art collection using your bar cart.
  20. Roll it next to a couch for an accent table. 
  21. Roll it under a wall-hanging tv as extra storage for your home entertainment needs.
  22. Roll your cart into your home gym for extra shelving for water bottles, speakers, workout notes, or to place your computer on a shelf to see your workout video better.
  23. Turn it into your crafting DIY cart and stop wasting precious crafting time setting up and breaking down your crafts.
  24. Turn any space into a cozy corner of mindfulness. Add a meditative pillow, candles, an essential oil diffuser, and a relaxing sound. Bar Cart Ideas Gold Serving Cart
  25. Treat yourself to a ‘bath time” bar cart. Add some candles, a glass of wine, some chocolates, and your current page-turner for instant relaxation.
  26. Turn your bar cart into a charging station for all your family charging needs.
  27. High, narrow, multiple-tier bar carts are great for showcasing your home's personality when you are short on space. Then, quickly roll it into another room when you need the extra space.Small kitchen bar cart ideas
  28. Turn your bar cart into an island table in a smaller kitchen. 
  29. Choose a cart with mirrors to help make your spaces look more prominent and larger.
  30. Instead of leaving your cocktail supplies scattered throughout the kitchen cabinets, have everything ready and on hand by organizing it on your bar cart.
  31. Put your finest liquor bottles and glasses on display. Add a few unique art pieces.Bar Cart Ideas
  32. Set up a wine bar and showcase your finest wine bottles.
  33. Use it as a self-serve mobile coffee station.
  34. Use your cart for extra pots, pans, plates, cups, and bowls.
  35. Transform your cart into an herb garden, a perfect addition to any kitchen.Bar Cart Ideas for Kitchen
  36. A bar cart is perfect for storing dry goods, spices, fresh vegetables, and recipe books in the kitchen.Bar Cart Ideas
  37. Hosting an afternoon tea has never been as relaxing. Simply add a pot of tea, finger sandwiches, cakes, and scones.
  38. Turn it into the ideal Super Bowl bar cart, then roll it into the living room and get lost in rooting for your team.
  39. Deliver your sliced cake effortlessly during any birthday celebration. It'll be as simple as… sing, slice, serve!Bar Cart Ideas 3 Tier Gold Bar Cart
  40. Impress your guests at your next cocktail party with a themed cart showcasing all your entertaining essentials.
  41. Turn it into a spa cart for girls' night. Stock it with face masks, candles, and essential oils to help everyone relax. Bonus, add a speaker for soft relaxing music.
  42. Have fun turning Your Bar Cart into a Kentucky Derby cart, serving Mint Juleps and burgoo stew
  43. Stock up your wine cart with local seasonal wine and invite the girls over for a wine tasting party.
  44. Taco Tuesday! Put together a taco bar, and then add a pitcher of margaritas.Bar Cart Ideas
  45. Put your bar cart to work as an extra set of hands for setting up for a dinner party. Simply load it up with all your tableware, plates, silverware, napkins, etc., and set your table up in one trip! Then, use the extra time for yourself before your guests arrive.
  46. Perfect for serving your dinner guests coffee, tea, and after-dinner drinks.
  47. Use your bar cart to treat your guests to an after-dinner dessert cart.
  48. Add a colorful serving tray to your cart as an organizer for your cocktail mixing set. Know exactly where your tools are, plus it makes Your Bar Cart more inviting when everything is readily accessible.Bar Cart Ideas
  49. Turn it into a gift table with a cardholder for a special event you’re hosting.
  50. Organize party favors on Your Bar Cart and roll it near the exit to guarantee that your guests leave with their gifts.
  51. Assemble a Sunday brunch for the family using Your Bar Cart. Add a serving tray of breakfast charcuterie and a pitcher of mimosas.Bar Cart Ideas
  52. During the summer months, showcase a fruity drink in a drink dispenser made with homemade fruit from your yard. The vibrant colors and cool refreshing look is bound to pull your guests in. Plus, they’ll love knowing it's from your garden.
  53. Give your bar cart some extra flair by turning your bar essentials into unique pieces of art.
  54. Host everyone at your house before a big event and use your bar cart for a quick and simple layout of snacks and drinks for your guests.Bar Cart Ideas
  55. There are always people who feel uncomfortable going through your fridge and cabinets. Your Bar Cart makes guests feel more invited to serve themselves.
  56. Are you having guests for the weekend? Stock your car with snacks, toiletries, water, and extra towels and roll it into your guest bedroom. What a surprise for your guests.
  57. Turn your cart into a family fun game night. Add cards, games, score pads, and a brag board.
  58. Stop interrupting your movie night to run to the kitchen for more refreshments. Stock your bar cart with family favorites like popcorn, candy, and soda, then wheel it into the living room. Have your refreshments at hand reach for everyone. 
  59. “Set the bar high” and use your cart to showcase your family achievements; graduations, awards, mementos, or possibly a marathon ribbon!Bar Cart Ideas
  60. Surprise the family on a hot day with an ice cream cart fully stocked with everyone's favorite ice cream flavors, toppings, and serving essentials.
  61. Turn your cart into a video game station for organizing video games and consoles.
  62. Roll out a night of karaoke at a moment's notice. Add everything you need for a monumental karaoke night to your cart (microphones, harmonicas, speakers, a disco ball) and BOOM! Your very own Karaoke Cart, guaranteed to whip up family fun.
  63. Use it to help drawing, like a 50/50 raffle. Showcase your giveaway on the top tier, then add all your drawing essentials for easy access on the bottom levels. 
  64. Set up your year-round seasonal décor on your front porch using your bar cart. For example, showcase pumpkins and mums during the fall, then evergreen cuttings and red ribbon for Christmas.
  65. Use your bar cart as a focal point on your patio that doubles as your favorite reading space. Add potted plants, fun trinkets, and a copy of your current page-turner. Leave an opening for a glass of sun tea :)Bar Cart Ideas for BBQing
  66. Load up all your BBQing essentials and roll it out to the grill. Use the top tier for working prep space and sprinkle the lower levels with the condiments, sides, buns, and paper goods.
  67. Effortlessly roll your entire BBQ over to your table in one trip from the grill. Simple service, in style!
  68. Bonus to your guests- Roll your BBQ cart over to anyone already comfortably sitting. They’ll successfully have all needed to fix a plate and refill a drink without moving.
  69. Bonus to you as a host- If inclement weather rolls in fast, your BBQ cart rolls into the house faster!Bar Cart Ideas
  70. Keep your family hydrated during the hot summer months. Turn your bar cart into a hydration bar with large ice water coolers and other refreshing treats.
  71. Turn your bar cart into a hotdog station. Put a hotdog roller on the top, sprinkle the other tiers with condiments, buns, and an ice bucket of cool drinks. Lunch is served.Bar Cart Ideas
  72. Did someone say smores?! Stock your cart with all the smores essentials and yummy drinks, then roll it out near the fire. Sit back and enjoy the sweet memories.
  73. Add an outdoor bar cart to a pool bathroom for extra storage for things like sunscreen, bug spray, and extra towels.
  74. Are you tired of the mosquitoes buzzing in your ears? Turn your cart into a bug repellent cart. Add plants like mint, lavender, and bee balm to repel mosquitoes. Compliment the cart with a citronella candle.
  75. Use your cart for an outdoor potting plant station. Great for potting plants and storing tools and extra flower pots.
  76. Make a spooky treat cart with beverages, snacks, and candy for friends and neighbors on Halloween.Bar Cart Ideas
  77. Surprise mom on Mother's Day with breakfast in bed. Your bar cart will make it easy to roll everything from the kitchen to the bedside for mom.
  78. Turn your cart into a champagne cart for New Year's Eve, complete with noisemakers and festive hats.
  79. Celebrate a little too much New Year’s Eve? Surprise your guests with a Bloody Mary bar cart on New Years Day.
  80. Use your cart for extra space for side dishes on Thanksgiving; mobile buffet style. You’ll love the extra space on the table and the ease of serving your guests dinner.
  81. Host a Valentine's Day celebration by the fire, complete with champagne, strawberries, chocolate, and a surprise waiting behind the bouquet.

Conclusion On Bar Cart Ideas

The ways you can enhance your homes personality using a bar cart are limitless.  Your Bar Cart is truley a piece of furniture designed for living life.