Your Bar Cart

Your Bar Cart

Made for sharing moments together.

Bringing elegance, luxury, and practical functionality into entertaining at home, Your Bar Cart helps you engage more with your guests. Never again miss a moment due to going back and forth to freshen up guests’ snacks and drinks. 

Our Mission

Be a guest at your party. Sit back and soak up the sight. 

We help hosts create exceptional experiences for themselves and their guests by maximizing efficiency and organization within their entertainment area. Your Bar Cart makes it easier for hosts to serve with style and ease, without worrying about missing anything at their party - the proposal, blowing out the candles, in other words, the fun stuff.

Our bar carts are convenient, luxurious, and made for sharing moments together. Your Bar Cart will be an elegant addition to any space, whether in a living room, dining, kitchen, or bedroom.
Join the party - relax, laugh, and live in the present tense. 
Our goal is to merge beauty and functionality. To stir up the spirit and imagination in hosting. 
How We Work

Here at Your Bar Cart, we smile, laugh, and enjoy what we do. Our work environment is light and a little playful, but with the core value of giving service, and offering our customers the best possible experience. Our company culture encourages employees to continue their learning and formal education. We are passionate about self-development and care.

Our Community

As part of our community, you get the latest tips and tricks on entertaining just like a pro. We help you create unique experiences with Your Bar Cart, whether you use it for a children’s party, an engagement party, or even a retirement send-off. We’ll help you utilize the rolling bar cart in the best way for all your events. We tap creatives and leaders in the events and hospitality industry to give us their tips and bar hacks, and then pass them on to you. 
We Are Proud Of Our Products

Not only is Your Bar Cart functional, but it is also a beautiful, elegant piece of furniture that you’d be proud to have in your home. We can cater to your style - French country, Art Deco, and others.
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